Employer's Liability / Worker's compensation

Employers, and the insurance carriers that insure them, face a growing set of legal challenges.  In short, from wrongful termination to worker’s compensation, the simple act of hiring an employee can bring a plethora of legal pitfalls.

Hiring, retention, supervision and termination of employees can open-up an employer to litigation.  We routinely advise employers on how to avoid the problems associated with such actions, and we also draft the policies and manuals needed by the employer to prevent it from being a litigation target.  However, even the most careful and prudent of employers will find themselves in a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled former employee.  Our firm is there to provide assistance to the employer under those circumstances. 

Further, workers’ compensation claims often arise even when the employer has in place a comprehensive safety program.  These claims can be due to any number of conditions, such as the work environment, machinery, employee work practices, employee interaction with co-workers, or outside business factors. Knowing how to defend these claims, and to work with the insurer on the same, is critical and our firm is one of the relatively few defense firms in the state that has extensive experience in this area of the law--both from an administrative and judicial standpoint.  In fact, we routinely speak on worker’s compensation issues, and have been handling the defense of such cases pursuant to the Texas Worker’s Compensation Statute for many, many years.