Our lawyers have extensive experience in defending construction litigation on behalf of developers, subcontractors, property owners, and general contractors, in both commercial and residential matters, and in all types of jurisdictions.  In today’s legal environment, construction law encompasses a broad scope of cases, including those dealing with personal injury, engineering, commercial contracts, property loss, and architecture. 

These cases invariably center on issues dealing with defense & indemnity provisions, additional insured clauses, waiver of subrogation matters, self insured retentions, and workers compensation components, among others.  When all of these liabilities stem from the same project and/or contract, the services of a firm that has expertise and experience in this area of the law, and with these issues, is required to mount an effective defense.  Our lawyers have such experience and expertise, and our knowledge regarding insurance coverage provides us with a distinct advantage over most other firms working in this area.  We have successfully and efficiently litigated cases arising from both public and private construction projects, as well as cases involving claims for: structural defect, personal injury, property damage, mechanic’s liens, economic loss caused by delay, DTPA, RCLA, breach of warranties, and breach of contract. 


Our lawyers have specialized expertise in this area of the law, as well as the unique ability to appreciate the complex business environment that large construction projects can create.  We routinely analyze for our clients the nuances of multi-party litigation, insurance and contractual interplay, and the defenses and litigation strategy necessary to position a litigant in the best possible light. Our attorneys also have expertise and experience in drafting indemnity and additional insured provisions that protect our clients from the risks that are inherent in the construction industry.