General Casualty

General casualty cases encompass a wide array of subjects: premises liability; products liability; Dram shop; property loss; and commercial business liability.  Although the claims themselves may cover a large factual field (i.e. slip-n-fall; food borne illnesses; marketing, manufacturing and/or design defects; failure to provide security; loss of enjoyment of land; and personal injury), the defense of these claims include common elements.  For example, an early, efficient and focused investigation is critical in limiting the exposure and damages in a particular case. 

The work we perform for our clients involves having a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and philosophies, as well as their perspective on the litigation that is facing them.  We represent manufacturers, retailers, landowners, service corporations, restaurants/bars, and virtually all other types of businesses and individuals.  Presenting our clients’ positions and obtaining a successful outcome is accomplished through the use of a thorough investigation, accident reconstruction, the consultation and retention of qualified experts, and effective case presentation to a jury (via multimedia avenues).   

Our firm offers the skill and trial experience in the general casualty area necessary for our clients to reach an advantageous settlement, or achieve a successful outcome at trial.