Automobile & Trucking / Transportation Liability

Considering the number of motorists and large commercial vehicles on the congested roadways in the Unites States, it is not surprising that accidents happen with great frequency.  Often, these accidents involve serious injury and/or death, and, as such, can create significant exposure to both individuals and companies.  When these accidents involve a tractor/trailer and/or a vehicle associated with a large commercial entity, the stakes can be very high.

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with this type of litigation and routinely defend against lawsuits arising from motor vehicle and/or trucking accidents.  Possessing the knowledge needed to efficiently evaluate such claims and to aggressively defend against the same is critical to achieving a successful outcome.  Our attorneys possess such expertise and knowledge, and regularly defend both individuals and commercial entities in all manner of litigation.  Similarly, utilizing the correct experts, gathering the needed evidence, and arguing the appropriate defenses are necessary to place the client in the best posture.  Our vast experience and expertise in this area allows us to advise and counsel our clients on the best manner to defend against such claims, as well as to aggressively defend our clients’ interests.  We have successfully mediated, arbitrated and tried to verdict every manner of automobile/trucking cases, from fender-bender to multi-fatality accidents. 

We also advise our clients in the areas of accident prevention and investigation.  Our seminars and lectures on these subjects outline how a client can counsel its employees to prevent accidents, as well as how to react and what to do should an accident occur.  This allows the client to do what it can to limit the likelihood of being sued in the first place.