Corporate Litigation

Today’s corporate climate is not only competitive, but it is fraught with issues that require accurate legal advice on a variety of business subjects. For example, interpretation of contracts, collection of unpaid accounts, facilitating the lease of equipment, and negotiating vendor agreements can all place a company (whether large or small) at a disadvantage if it does not have legal counsel to rely upon.  Our lawyers are there to provide assistance.  

We understand the issues that businesses face each day and are experienced in advising our clients on how to navigate and negotiate the pitfalls that are present in the corporate environment.  Although we are seasoned trial lawyers, we also understand the financial strain that litigation can place on a company’s owners/officers. Therefore, we do our best to explore all viable options to efficiently and effectively resolve our clients’ problems without litigation, including mediation, arbitration and informal settlement conferences. We are also unafraid to answer the tough questions or to give advice on the difficult issues. Our lawyers know that business managers expect a straight answer to their questions and that those managers are relying upon them to resolve a problem facing the company.

In short, we can assist the company from both a transactional and litigation standpoint. Further, not only do we focus on providing excellent, high quality legal work, but we also believe that a service-oriented approach to interacting with clients gives those clients the maximum bang for their buck.  Saving our clients money, increasing their productivity and helping them get a leg-up on their competition are things that we do well. We represent multi-national, national, and local businesses, as well as everything from large conglomerates to sole-proprietorships.